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  • January Blues

    11 January 2013

    January Blues

    Sadly the festive season is behind us for another year and it’s back to work we go!

    The great news is that we at Ormeau Business Association have been doing our bit to help lift your mood without breaking the bank.

    Why not visit one of our ‘bring your own’ restaurants such as Graffitti, Graffitti is the perfect little restaurant to help raise spirits and with daily specials it is sure to be within your tight budget.

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  • 07 January 2013

    Traders stay vigilant

    Following recent robberies on the Ormeau road we are urging all traders to remain vigilant, we know that a lot of our business owners are concerned so we have put together some top tips to help prevent robbery:

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  • Feeling guilty after a gorging Christmas?

    04 January 2013

    Feeling guilty after a gorging Christmas?

    Then why no get fit with Shaftesbury Community & Recreation Centre

    The Shaftesbury Community & Recreation Centre has devised an exciting new fitness and physical activity timetable for the New Year to help you get in shape for 2013. The programme is targeting men and women from the local community to participate in a range of physical activity and health awareness / information sessions delivered by the highly qualified Health & Fitness Team at Shaftesbury.

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